Four Dining Options In East Lansing That Might Fit What You’re Looking For

Get yourself ready to hear about four more of the top places to stop and eat when you’re traveling East Lansing MI. We’ve looked at some unique and interesting restaurants so far, but I’ve got some more to show you. You’re really going to think this first one sounds cool. Just wait until I tell you about Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine.

Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine is located at 1312 Michigan Avenue, and it is known for serving up some excellent food. If you are a vegetarian, the menu is said to have some great choices for you. There are some great stews on the menu, including mild sirloin meat stew and spicy chicken stew. Spicy pinto beans and spicy lentils are two of the vegetarian specials. I think this restaurant is rather unique and a great place to stop for a different type of meal.

When it started getting colder recently, I was thinking a lot about soup. Now, baking and Thanksgiving is on my mind. What about you? What’s on your mind for dinner tonight? Taste of Thai is another restaurant choice you have, and its location is 1105 East Grand River Avenue. This place has some great lunch specials, and it is known for its pad thai and soups. Reviews point to the fact that it’s the best thai food in the East Lansing area, and that the restaurant features lovely decorations.

We haven’t taken a look at Georgio’s Pizza just yet. This restaurant is located at 120 Charles Street, and it’s a great place to visit when you’re wanting to order up pizza by the slice. You can also order up tacos there, and they offer a frequent buyer card. One thing that people say about Georgio’s Pizza is that it’s a great place for a late night snack.

This next restaurant really interested me as a vegetarian. Where did all of the salad bars go? In all seriousness, they are still out there, but Leaf Salad Bar is all about a great salad bar. Its location is 1542 West Grand River Avenue, and the restaurant is said to feature a really nice dining atmosphere.

Here’s to your dining experiences in East Lansing. Are you up for some vegetarian options, or does late night pizza sound like a plan. Hey, I’m a vegetarian and vegetarians love pizza. I’m thinking that pizza by the slice sounds the best right about now. What about you?