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Needless to say, Halloween has always been our favorite holiday and since our primary business is the development of online publications, we decided to create a web based magazine that could be a central resource of Halloween related information, and be as professional in appearance as it was informative and entertaining.

And so, in October of 1996 Halloween Online slithered it's way onto the Information Super Highway with the mission of providing information to everyone interested in this wonderful holiday.

At its core, Halloween Online is a how-to guide for helping people get the most out of their Halloween celebration. It offers a broad spectrum of content, providing information for everyone no matter what their level of interest in Halloween is. Whether you want simple idea's, suggestions and direction for your home during the Halloween season, or are what we call a Halloween pro-consumer that takes Halloween very seriously, we'll help make your Halloween experience as frightful as possible.

Today, Halloween Online is now the Internet's leader and single largest resource for quality Halloween information and instruction, both in content and its readership. Already referred to as the "Amazon" of Halloween, we are continually expanding and developing new content to insure that Halloween Online continues to keep Halloween enthusiasts informed and entertained.

While we write the majority of articles in-house, we also receive information from a variety of other sources including our readers, original authors, and Internet Resources. Articles not written by the Halloween Online staff are always given full credit when the original author is known.

Welcome to Halloween Online!


We really look forward to our readers email! We receive hundreds of messages a week and answer them based on priority. But answering email is a very time consuming process and takes valuable resources away from our primary operation, writing new articles.

Before emailing us please make sure that the information you're looking for isn't already on Halloween Online. We get a lot of questions like: "I'm having a Halloween party this year, can you send us some ideas or how would you do this?" We simply don't have the staff to answer questions like this.

Thank you for taking the time to email us!


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